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Poly-Plus is a high-molecular-weight, anionic polymer designed to provide excellent cuttings encapsulation, improve shale stabilization while also acting as a viscosifier, friction reducer, and flocculant. This multifunctional polymer is highly effective in low-solids to weighted fluids with varying makeup waters from fresh to saltwater. Poly-Plus can be used in a variety of industries including Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial, and Oil & Gas.


  • Available by the pallet and packaged conveniently in 5-gallon cans
  • Liquid physical characteristics for easy mixing and rapid yield
  • Effective in freshwater to high salinity water
  • Low pour point (-20degF) for easy use in cold climate
  • Minimal treatments required for effective results

Physical Properties

  • Physical Apperarance - Cream-colored, opaque liquid
  • Specific Gravity - 1.07-1.10
  • pH - 8.0- 9.0
  • Viscosity - ≈500 cp

Storage and Handling

  • Store in a well-ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition. Keep containers sealed until use.
  • Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment, and reference SDS for further information

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