Lubchem at OFMP

With over half a century’s experience, at Lubchem, we believe quality is the most important piece to lubrication.

Based in Houston, Texas, Lubchem is a high-quality manufacturer and distributor of renewable and sustainable specialty lubricants and chemicals for heavy duty applications in the oilfield, pipeline, refining, petrochemical, and mining industries.

For more than 60 years, Lubchem has excelled as a proven leader. We help petrochemical and industrial customers find unique solutions to specific problems, including valve lubricants for ball, plug, and wellhead gate valves; valve cleaners and flushes; emergency valve sealants; lubricants for equipment and maintenance; and more.

Our lubricants and grease are tested thoroughly to obtain the highest performance, longest service life, and best quality possible in the industry.

Trusted brand on OFMP since 2021

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