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RockSEAL II Packer 5.75" x 3.50"


The RockSEAL® II packer is a dual-element open hole packer that provides high-performance zone isolation, ensuring stimulation of the targeted zone and isolation of water/gas shut-off to optimize long-term production. The hydraulically set packer combines the sealing strength of a mechanical element with the setting force of a dual-piston cylinder and mechanical body-lock system. The packer has a specially designed elastomer with the largest possible cross-section to provide excellent expansion ratios to set in oversized holes. The packer is also designed with anti-preset features that allow it to be pushed through tight spots in the well without pre-setting or shearing the packer.

**Limited Quantities Available**

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SKU: 120575-000002
Outside Diameter (Inches): 5.750"
Inside Diameter (Inches): 2.950"
Threading: 3.500", 9.3#, EUE Box x Pin
Material: P110
Seal Trim: HNBR

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