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SX Greaseless™ Series wireline sheave

From $5,495.00

Looking to extend cable life while reducing slippage and vibrations?

Safety and functionality join in a durable, no-corrosion sheave: the new SX Greaseless Series™ from SABTEX SHEAVES.


SABTEX SHEAVES has combined LED illumination, metallic safety colors, built-in handles, and Easy-Slip™ side loading gates to give their products the dependability you need across a wide spectrum of conditions.

While mainly designed for recently-released coated wireline cables, these innovative sheaves are compatible with any and all conventional E-Lines.

A lightweight, thin profile frame and greaseless double-sealed bearing make for a firm grasp.


This is anything but a short-term investment.

The SX Greaseless Series™ wireline sheaves are manufactured with nylon composite material and fitted with stainless steel components that form a shield against any kind of corrosion.

More technical details in the attached PDF.


Configure your new SABTEX SHEAVES wireline sheave now using the drop-down options on the right and take advantage of their quick delivery.


Remember, each sheave comes with individual test certificates and one year manufacturer warranty!

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