The mLock system is a remote hydraulic quick-latch for wireline pressure control operations. The mLock connects wireline pressure control equipment to the wellhead or Frac tree quickly and safely.

Unlike previous technology, the mLock is installed onto the wireline pressure control equipment - eliminating the need for a wireline quick-latch device on multiple Frac trees on multi-well operations.


  • Next Generation Technology: mLock remains connected to wireline equipment, while standard flange with pin is installed on Frac tree.
  • Improving efficiency: Hydraulic latching in under 20 seconds makes the operation more efficient by speeding up connection of equipment to the well.
  • Simple to Operate: Push button simplicity, rapid and simple deployment by onsite personnel.
  • Increasing operational safety: Remote hydraulic actuation keeps personnel out of red zone.
  • Status indicator lights are easily visible anywhere on location.
  • Onboard Telemetry with data tracking analytics.


  • Compact design and reversible system.
  • Control system that provides the hydraulic pressure and safety protocols.
  • Simple, fast installation and operation.
  • Oversized and visible stabbing guide.
  • Standard connection API 6A 5-1/8” 10,000 PSI.
  • Ex Class 1 Division 1 allowing use during well completions.