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The mLock system is a remote hydraulic connector for wireline operations. The mLock connects wireline equipment to the well quickly and safely.

The mLock has a control system that provides the hydraulic pressure and safety protocols necessary to perform operations.


  • Compact design and reversible system.
  • Simple, fast installation and operation.
  • Oversized and visible stabbing guide.
  • Standard connection API 6A 5-1/8” 10,000 PSI.
  • Ex Class 1 Division 1 allowing use during well completions.


  • Improving efficiency: Hydraulic latching in under 20 seconds makes the operation more efficient by speeding up connection of equipment to the well.
  • Simple to Operate: Push button simplicity, rapid and simple deployment by onsite personnel.
  • Increasing operational safety: Remote hydraulic actuation keeps personnel out of red zone.
  • Status indicator lights are easily visible anywhere on location.
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