WellGlide* roller-centralizer sub reduces friction when conveying wireline toolstrings into high-angle deviated wells

Positioned along the length of the toolstring, the WellGlide sub lifts the string body onto the axels of its rollers, reducing friction between the toolstring body and tubing wall. Interchangeable rollers adapt the WellGlide sub for various wellbore diameters, and its fluted body ensures sufficient bypass when running through fluids. The WellGlide sub can also centralize a running or pulling tool inside larger-bore tubulars.


  • High-angle deviated wells
  • Fluid environments
  • Running and pulling tool centralization in larger-bore tubulars
  • Well interventions with Peak SIM* sealing integrity management system

Features & Benefits

  • Provides standoff from tubing wall equivalent to OD of large lock mandrel
  • Enables using one or more subs anywhere along the length of a conventional toolstring
  • Reduces inventory requirements for sub bodies by using interchangeable rollers
  • Increases operating range by using various diameter rollers
  • Increases application range by using different material rollers including AISI 4140 steel, AISI 316 stainless steel, Nylatron, or customer specifications
  • Provides maximum bypass in fluid due to its fluted body
  • Supplied with connection options to suit customer requirements
  • Integrates with 2 11/16-in heavy-duty fishing string when supplied with ultra-heavy-duty (UHD) connection and neck