Improves fish recovery by rotating the toolstring BHA on a radial J-slot mechanism.

With simple sit-down and pick-up action, the Indexing Tool rotates and increases coverage of the lower connected tool within the wellbore. This increases the probability of recovering a fish that may be resting in a position that makes standard recovery difficult.


  • Stuck tool recovery operations

Features & Benefits

  • Increases flexibility for use across different tubing sizes and downhole toolstring options
  • Provides minimum three-point indexing system, even with smaller-OD tools
  • Ensures continuous rotation at a consistent angle via spring-assisted J mandrel, regardless of deviation
  • Offers greater flexibility with multiple upper- and lower-connection options
  • Enhances fish recovery in deviated and larger-bore completions, with optional customized eccentric lower threading
  • Improves application for special customer requirements, using customized designs