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A-140S Detonator

From $14.00

The A-140S is for perforation applications where the detonator is protected from direct contact with the oil well environment, e.g. as is the case of hollow carrier perforators. Their design enables them to withstand high temperature environment and includes fluid disabled features to prevent functioning in the event the gun is flooded. The A-140S is also offered with the Deto Block to accommodate detonating cord. Specifications as follows:

  • Length: 1.9"
  • Diameter: 0.29"
  • Wires: 4 ft/Cu 22 gauge, Teflon
  • Base charge: 4.3 grain RDX
  • Resistance: 59 ohms
  • No fire current: 0.2A
  • All fire current: 0.6 to 3.0A
  • Electrostatic immunity (double leg to shell): 25 kV/2,500pF
  • Temperature (1hr): -40 to 350F

Things to note before ordering:

  • All orders will be shipped Ex-Works from our Rosharon, TX Facility.
  • Shipping charges will be added to final invoice.
  • Orders are via PO only.
  • BATFE Paperwork must be verified before shipment.

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