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CAM30 Floating Sleeve Choke Valves-PSL2-5K

From $6,661.69

Surface Choke valves provide pressure and flow control across a wide range of applications, such as wellheads, production manifolds, and choke and kill manifolds. We supply various types of proven, durable choke valves for standard, erosive, and corrosive service. A dedicated choke maintenance program and choke erosion monitoring services enhance reliability.

■ Production
■ Injection
■ Artificial lift
■ Flowback
■ Storage
■ Precise flow control under severe service conditions
■ Availability with plug-and-cage, external-sleeve, or multistage
trims as well as special trim solutions, including ultralow Cv,
low noise, and well cleanup
■ Multiple flow characteristics
■ Complete solution from startup to late life
■ Easy retrofit as conditions evolve

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SKU: CAM30-Floating-Sleeve-Choke-Valves-PSL2-5K

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