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Orbit Rising Stem Ball Valve Repair Kit



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Kit Includes: Bolting, Bonnet Gasket, Position Indicator Kit, Grease Fitting, Caution Tag, Teflon Ring and Stem Packing. Applicable for 2012 and Newer Valves.

Orbit's unique tilt-and-turn design for fast, low-torque operation and long-term, reliable performance in applications when zero leakage and frequent operation are demanded.

ORBIT valves are ideally suited for:
• Mol sieve dehydration switches valves
• Flowlines
• Meter isolation
• Dryer switching
• Block and bypass
• Product segregation
• Emergency shutdown
• Suction and discharge isolation
• Heat transfer fluids/hot oil
• Hydrogen service
• Many additional applications

Every ORBIT valve built is individually pressure tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

Specifications and Compliances:
• API 6D
• ISO 9001:2008
• PED 97/23/EC
• ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
• GOST-R Certificate and RTN Permit
• ISO 15848-1 (Fugitive Emission Type Testing)
• Shell GSI SPE 77/300 TAT Qualified and
TAMAP Two-Star Rating
• ASME B16.34