Dyna-Drill at OFMP

Dyna-Force TT Power Sections



Dyna-Drill conventional thru-tubing power sections feature high-performance elastomer and profile designs to help operators achieve exceptional power ratio. Available on 1 11/16-in through 3 3/8-in sizes, these thru-tubing power sections provide higher hours of operation with constant power output.


  • Coiled tubing and thru-tubing equipment
  • Frac and bridge plug milling, scale, cement, barium, etc.
  • Cleanout operations with venturi jet baskets
  • Thru-tubing underreaming and sidetracking


  • Saves time thorough a reduced number of connections
  • Can perform multiple jobs between maintenance intervals


  • Highest power output in the industry
  • Strong torque generation throughout the full flow range
  • Fully designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled, and supported in-house
  • Premium materials maximize strength and performance
  • Rotor catch available on sizes 2.88 in and above