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Fully AutonomouS Test Unit


The fully autonomous pressure testing unit (iFAST) is designed to completely remove the operator(s) from the hazards associated with pressure testing operations. The operator(s) can start, monitor, validate, verify, and terminate the unit(s) test sequence via an HMI across a wireless network or secured wireless network if required. The unit has the ability to broadcast the test sequence in real time to be witnessed and validate/verify remotely via a secure/unsecure website or remote viewing application using any personal device. The system will also record and store the test sequence for future verification/validation. This accommodates remote locations, where a network, cellular, or Wi-Fi service is unavailable. Once the unit(s) has determined a successful completion of a test sequence, using Artificial Intelligence, the unit will autogenerate a report. There is no human influence that can determine the successful completion of the test sequence. The report can be digitally signed by the test operator with a Personal Identification Verification credential (PIV) (i.e. Transportation Worker Identification Credential, Smart Card, Magnetic Card reader) or Bio Metric reader via the HMI. Also, a witness who is present or remotely monitoring can validate/verify the test sequence via a secure/unsecure remote viewing application (website) using a PIV or Bio Metric reader to confirm their credentials. This unit has two pressure test circuits, one for gas and one for fluid. The unit can also be equipped with optional equipment such as proximity sensors that can be used to monitor the test area and terminate the test should a person enter the test area during an active operation and infrared cameras capable of detecting leaks by identifying hot spots in the test circuit (POR). Laptop computer is included with the iFAST unit.

Weight (lbs): 550
Height (ft): 4
Width (ft): 4
Depth (ft): 4

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