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Rotary Sidewall Core Testing Packages - Unconventional Resources

From $250.00

Building on the long experience and leadership of our comprehensive TerraTek rock mechanics and core analysis services for unconventional reservoirs, the following timely measurements can be fundamental in characterizing your reservoir. Unit price is per analysis

Initial Processing

White light & ultra-violet photos, CT-Scan images, bulk density and scratch index. Turn-around time is approximately 1 week (est for 50 cores)


  • Detailed petrophysical & geochemical core measurements
  • Data cross-validation with standard petrophysical logs & models
  • Accurate evaluation of reservoir rocks & fluids

Includes pulse-decay permeability, modified tight rock analysis (grain densities, porosities, and saturations), LECO TOC, Rock-Eval, XRD, and basic petrography. Also included: HRA-Sample selection & reservoir quality log (10 depth targets min). Turn-around time is approximately 5 weeks.


  • Nuclear magnetic resonance core measurements
  • Data cross-comparison with CMR logs & interpretation
  • Fluid mapping & assessment of reservoir production potential

Includes T1T2 on as-received sample at ambient and T1T2 on brine-saturated & oil-saturated samples. Also included: Reservoir quality log upgrade (10 depth targets min). Turn-around time is approximately 5 weeks.


  • Advanced geomechanical core measurements
  • Calibration of advanced sonic logs & mechanical earth models
  • Valuable inputs to completion & stimulation designs

Includes 2-sample multi-stress compression test and capillary suction time for 5 fluids. Also included: HRA-sample selection & completion quality log (10 depth targets min). Turn-around time is approximately 8 weeks

Customer is responsible for delivering samples to RSA Laboratories

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