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SAPP Sticks

From $400.32

SAPP sticks are a multi-functional product designed as a fluid thinner and dispersant. SAPP sticks are water-soluble and contains a combination of surfactants with sodium acid pyrophosphate. This easy-to-use product helps reduce friction and prevents the formation of "mud rings" while reducing bit balling tendencies. With the unique ability to be placed inside the drill pipe, this product is convenient, economical and a must have for all drilling operations.


  • Packaged individually and conveniently in cooler with 72 sticks per cooler
  • Dispersant, reduces friction, and prevent formation of "mud rings"
  • Economical, easy-to-use product with small footprint of product

Physical Properties

  • Physical Apperarance - Yellow tube filled with solids
  • Solubility in water - Soluble
  • Size - 1 1/4 X 16 in

Storage and Handling

  • Store in a dry area away from sources of heat
  • Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment, and reference SDS for further information

Sold and packaged by Federal +

Packaging of material may vary

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