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North America Land Laboratory and Technical Support

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Federal is excited to annouce that we offer unparalleled customized services at our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities located in two convenient locations in Texas. Our facilities are fully operational and follow the strict guidelines detailed in API RP 13 B1 RP 13B2 and API 13I for testing, pilot testing, and mixing of fluids. Federal specializes in but not limited to QAQC testing, pilot testing of new formulations or product compatiblity, corrosion monitoring, Particle Size Distribution, lubricant evaluation, HTHP rheology, Dynamic filtration, and simple shale inhibition testing. Aside from our continously evolving and advanced testing, Federal also provides additional support by offering exceptional analysis with the use of our proprietary software systems including Virtual Hydraulics and OneTrax 2.0. We offer a wide range of technical support to our clients such as designing Fluid Programs and Engineering support to help facilitate the operations by providing expert recommendations based on off-set well information.

Testing Summary:

  • Field and mix plant QAQC testing
  • Contamination Tolerance
  • EP Lubricity evaluation
  • Permeability-plugging apparatus (PPA)
  • Bulk Hardness
  • Displacement Simulator
  • Crude/Formation compatiblity
  • Flash Point Tester
  • Static Sheen Test
  • Barite Sag Analysis and Testing
  • Shale Inhibition testing

Specialized Equipment:

  • Brookfield Viscometer
    • Evaluates the low-shear rate viscosity (LSRV) of a fluid
  • Fann 75 HTHP Viscometer
    • Evaluated the behavior of a fluid under high-temperature and high-pressure
  • Production Screen Tester (PST)
    • Evaluates the ability for a drilling fluid to be produced through a completion assembly
  • Stickance Tester
    • Evaluates the filter cake quality
  • Fann 90
    • Dynamic Filtration Test
  • Malvern Particle-Size Analyzer
    • Analyze and measures particle size in wet or dry samples

Federal also offers the following benefits to our customers:

  • Virtual Hydraulics
  • Project Engineering
  • Drilling Fluids Program
  • OneTrax 2.0 License
  • Spectrum
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