Lime is commonly used across many industries as an economic source of calcium and alkalinity in both water- and oil- based fluids. Lime, also referred to as hydrated Lime and slaked Lime, is a multi-functional product used to increase pH, provide excess lime as an alkalinity buffer, flocculate bentonite muds, remove soluble carbonate ions, control corrosion, and activate fatty-acid oil-base fluid additives. Although used widely in the Oil&Gas Industry, Lime is a widely available commercial chemical used in a variety of industries such as Industrial and Agricultural. Lime is a strong base and will form high pH (alkaline) solutions when added.


  • Available by the pallet and packaged conveniently in 50-lb sacks
  • Widely available economical source of calcium and alkalinity
  • Compatible in water-, oil-, and synethic based fluids

Physical Properties

  • Physical Apperarance - White powder
  • Specific Gravity - 2.2
  • pH - 12.4
  • Solubility in water @ 68degF - 0.165 g/100 mL water
  • Bulk density - 138 lb/ft3

Storage and Handling

  • Store in a dry area away from water and acids
  • Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment, and reference SDS for further information
  • Lime is a highly reactive, corrosive chemical that can burn eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. May also react violently with water or acids.

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