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CT Plus Milled Tooth (MT)


The CT Plus product line of roller cone bits are Designed specifically to optimize performance in plug milling including coiled tubing and workover operations, small-diameter CT Plus* coiled tubing bit from Smith Bits, enable operators to reduce milling time and drill all required plugs in one run. CT Plus roller cone bits incorporate the latest Smith Bits technology to perform with greater reliability while drilling composite plugs. The bits are engineered for extended-reach milling operations in various applications and include premium design features

CT Plus Bits Incorporate

  • Field proven technology
  • Solid ROP
  • Reliable bearing packages
  • Lubricants and elastomers that provide reliable performance
  • Predictable cutting structures and hardfacing
  • Applicable to very soft to mediumformation drilling

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SKU: 0065880040
Weight On Bit: 5,000-15,000 (lbs)
Bit Connection Type: 2 3/8 PAC
Bit Rotary Speed: 50-160 (RPM)
Inserts and Teeth (Total/ Inner/ Gage): 76/31/45
Rows (Total/ Inner/ Gage): 7/4/3
Bit Bearing Type: Sealed Friction Bearing
Bit Seal Type: V-Ramp O-Ring Seals