Wireline Adapter Kit Assembly accompanies a Compatible Setting Sleeve, Adjuster AdapterSub, Tension Mandrel, and LockSpring. The WLAK is designed to be used on a Baker E-4 wireline power charge orhydraulic setting assembly or any setting assembly with the similar configuration. All Hydrus Series Wireline Set Cement Retainers are conveyed by Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly with the appropriate Wireline Adapter Kit and run to the setting depth. When the Pressure Setting Assembly is actuated, the Adjuster Adapter Sub and Tension Mandrel is in tension while Setting Sleeve moves downward to a setting stroke length against the top slip creating bi-direction forces and squeezes the plug, thus setting the slips and packing-off the element.


The WLAK automatically disconnects from the Cement Retainers after the packing element sets, which enable easy retrieval and ready to run again for next operations.

Available in compatible sizes with selection of Baker Setting Tools B-05, B-10, and B-20 Sizes;

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