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J-TEC Stator Options


Stator options for J-TEC mud lube thru-tubing motors are available in various lobe and stage configuration to match the corresponding rotor configuration. Stator options from USA manufacturers are made of high wear and tear resistance NBR hard rubber that reduces chunking. The NBR hard rubber offers superior fluid resistance, tensile strength and stiffness keeping any swelling to a minumum while providing increased motor power and efficiency in both WBM and OBM applications.

Standard or oversize fit elastomer options are available as well as even-wall stators upon request.

Depending on well parameters, operating conditions, fluid integrity, power section fit, J-TEC motors can operate up to a maximum temperature of 320 degrees fahrenheit.

Stators or power sections operated with OBM, except for biodegrable fluid, will require a stator replacement.

See the J-TEC Product Brochure for further information on stator specifications and performance details.

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SKU: 313-JTEC-03-HR-NBR-STA-8L-3.0
Description: 3 1/8" OD 8 Lobe - 3.0 Stage Stator
Elastomer Type: NBR-Hard Rubber High Wear
Approximate Stator Weight (lbs.): 80
Overall Stator Length (inches): 106"
Stator Tube Material: 4140 / 4142 Alloy Steel
OD Size
Stator Lobes
Stator Stages


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