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WKM 320 Series Floating Ball Valve Repair Kit

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Minor Repair Seal Kit Includes: Body Gasket, seat ring, lip seal, Washer and Stem Packing.

Previously, manufacturers have had to use a vented ball configuration to avoid trapping cavity pressure, limiting the valve to work in only one direction. The WKM 320 Series floating ball valve features a patent-pending seat that enables internal cavity relief while maintaining bidirectional sealing capability.


  • Bi-directional sealing capability
  • Built-in cavity relief to prevent excess pressure buildup around the ball
  • Lower break-to-open torque for reduced actuation requirement and easier operation

In every trim, WKM 320 Series valves include NACE compliance, fugitive-emissions capabilities, and fire-test certification to API Spec 607 7th Ed.

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SKU: Wkm-320-Series-Floating-Ball-Valve-Repair-Kit

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