mSafe - Production SSV / ESD System

Improve performance with electric-over-hydraulic emergency shutdown control system that enables condition-based monitoring and maintenance.

The mSafe safety valve control system enhances well safety, increases operational efficiency, lowers maintenance costs and maximizes production.

  • Manual, remote and automated operations
  • Implement condition-based monitoring and maintenance using valve status data communicated via SCADA, telemetry or downloaded from onboard memory


Field-proven in Latin and North America, the mSafe design integrates electronic control and an electro-hydraulic pump to ensure the safety and performance of hydraulically actuated safety valves used in emergency shutdown applications.

The controller precisely and reliably manages valve position by monitoring hydraulic pressure in the actuator and actuator lines. The acquired data supports condition-based monitoring and maintenance practices that can significantly improve safety and performance.

Real-time and historical data is transferred using the wellsite SCADA system. Months of data can also be saved in onboard memory and downloaded via Modbus RS485 or Hart communication protocols.


  • Monitors and regulates ESD actuator pressure
  • UL 508A Listed and NEMA 1, 3R, 4, and 12 Encloser
  • Reduce wellsites visits
  • Hydraulic fluid leak detection system
  • Partial stroke test
  • Full SCADA capability and 2-way telemetry ability
  • Available in sizes 2 1/16" 5K to 3 1/16" 10K