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Bottom Discharge Valve


Are you dealing with a bottom-anchor insert pump? A well with corrosive fluid or low to moderate amounts of sand? If so, then the Don-Nan bottom discharge valve might be just what you need to optimize your processes.

This valve is a two-component part placed on the barrel assembly between the standing and traveling valves. It acts as an intermediary valve that displaces approximately 10% of pumped fluid to the annulus between the outside of the pump and the tubing wall. By doing so, the valve moves fresh fluid past the exterior of the pump at the bottom end, keeping particulate matter from settling and sticking to the pump, as well as reducing adverse effects from corrosive fluid on the outside of the pump.

In other words, the Don-Nan bottom discharge valve offers the best of both worlds, all while ensuring that you maintain full fluid production.

All you have to do is customize your size and material, and you're good to go!

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