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Vx Spectra Multiphase Meter

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The Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter uses full-spectrum analysis to accurately measure oil, gas, and water flow rates without phase separation. The flowmeter offers multiple advantages over existing multiphase flowmeters, including higher measurement accuracy, smaller footprint expanded operating envelope, and the ability to monitor and analyze high-frequency production data.

The Vx Spectra flowmeter is based on rugged Vx multiphase well testing technology, which determines flow rates without requiring separation. The flowmeter is the industry's only multiphase metering technology that measures flow rate and phase fractions at high frequency and at a single point in the venturi throat. This method ensures repeatable flow rate measurement in any multiphase flow regime and in production fluids ranging from heavy oil to wet gas.

Specially developed for surface production pad, the compact Vx Spectra flowmeter saves significant space compared with conventional metering equipment. Its modular design and advanced electronics minimize downtime and reduce running costs while ensuring measurement robustness.

The Vx Spectra flowmeter has five venturi throat sizes that expand the operating envelope to better match flow rates of most oil and gas fields in the production phase. The 19 mm version obtains precise measurements at lower flow rates. The 29 mm and 40 mm venturi versions are for midrange multiphase metering at the majority of oil production fields. Upon purchase, a representative will be in contact with you to confirm meter sizing is suitable for expected flow conditions.

Meter purchase includes; Vx Spectra, BA-133 Source, Inlet/Outlet crossovers to weldneck connections including nuts, bolts, and seal rings. Upon size confirmation, inlet, outlet, and other relevant technical drawings will be supplied with purchase.

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