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Glycol Dehydration Systems

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Remove water and volatile organic compounds from natural gas

Efficient removal of water and impurities from natural gas streams our triethylene glycol dehydration systems are among the most widely used in the oil and gas industry because of low operating costs and relatively low capex. Glycol dehydration systems are not only efficient at removing water from a natural gas stream, they also remove benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) as well as other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In natural gas systems, removing water vapor reduces pipeline corrosion and eliminates line blockage caused by hydrate formation. The water dewpoint needs to be below the lowest pipeline temperature to prevent free-water formation.

Using amine treatment to remove acid gases results in water-saturated gas that must be dehydrated before entering the pipeline. Most product specifications require the maximum quantity of water in the gas to be 4 to 7 lbm/MMcf.

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