Martec Solutions manufactures J-TEC mud lube thru-tubing motors using premium grade power section assemblies from USA manufacturers to provide maximum power performance and efficiency. We offer expertly designed and field proven, superior quality power section assemblies and components manufactured in the USA to meet the most demanding WBM / OBM well intervention challenges.

Elastomers are made of high performing wear resistant advanced hard rubber-NBR and come in standard or oversize fit options providing clients flexible solutions to meet their most demanding intervention and thru-tubing operations. Elastomer stator tubes are produced from 4140 grade steel.

Rotors are produced with solid chrome coated 17-4 PH stainless steel offering superior quality coating technology. Carbide and carbide substitute coated and bored rotors are also available upon request.

Depending on well parameters, operating conditions, fluid integrity, power section fit, power sections can operate up to a maximum temperature of 320 degrees fahrenheit.

Stators or power sections operated with OBM, except for biodegrable fluid, will require a stator replacement.

See our Martec Solutions motor manual for rotor and stator specifications including power curve performance details..