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HydraQuaker Drilling Jar


The HydraQuaker hydraulic drilling jar is capable of delivering a heavy impact in vertical and deviated holes during drilling, fishing, or workover operations. Designed to operate as an integral part of a drillstring, the tool can withstand normal drilling conditions of torque, pump pressure, temperatures, and long periods of use. A unique temperature-compensation process enables the HydraQuaker jar to provide consistent impact, blow after blow, even in harsh environments. By adjusting the amount of surface push or pull, the operator can adjust the magnitude of the impacts in either direction; the frequency of impacts can also be controlled. “Cocking,” or resetting, the HydraQuaker jar is automatic—once the desired impact has been delivered, simply raising or lowering the string allows the proprietary metering mechanism to be reactivated.

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SKU: Q10012_016
Tensile Yield: 916,152 (lbs)
Tortional Yield: 56,395 (lbf.ft)
Approx. Weight: 2,600 (lbm)
Length: 33 (ft)
Outer Diameter
Internal Diameter
Tool Joint Connection


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